Our Message

In the early 1980s, a group of energetic and enthusiastic NSS youths banded together to collectively fulfill their inner desires by serving the poorest of the poor. This social dynamism led them to formalize CORE as an organization. Through a gradual process, the approach changed from mere charity to pro-active sustainable development. During the process of institutionalization, it has experienced ups and downs to rebuild its strength. Members were enriched with varied expertise, experimented, and put their learnings to use for empowerment and progress.


Reposing a strong faith in community resilience, handholding with likeminded people & institutions we try to evolve an appropriate system for better management of resources like land, water, forest, livestock, credit, social infrastructure and human resources by strengthening the capacity of local organizations.


Provide a helping hand to develop a linkage for the rediscovery of a vibrant, self-reliant sustainable development process for its wholesome growth and self realization.


  • To strengthen the capacity of the community with knowledge, skill, opportunities & resources and enabling a condition to improve the quality of life of sustainability.
  • To facilitate community based organization through development action, research & mobilization for strengthening the capacity for self-reliance & sustainability..
  • To initiate a model of common action, research, learning and campaign against anti-poor policies for alternative pro-poor policies and wider impact in societal context.
  • To make the member organization of consortium self reliant and sustainable.
  • To evolve a network of civil society organizations (NGOs, people‚Äôs organisations, research and media) to work together to influence policies adversely affecting the poor.